I Don't Just BUY Bags, I BUY Land And BUILD Generational Wealth!

Air ForceVeteran, Real Estate Mogul And
Mortgage Bank Owner

I was born in Los Angeles, California to an immigrant mother from Guatemala and African American Father, where life began with very humble beginnings. At the age of 7, I became a latch key kid, walking home from school past gang members and drug dealers through the streets of South-Central LA, Crenshaw District. By age 9, my parents were officially divorced and although my father did not live too far from us, I rarely was able to see him. I often waited by the window for hours on the weekends, for my father to pick me up, but he never did. I spent a lot of time home alone, while my mother worked as a Nurse in Compton from sun-up to sundown. Seeing my mother work so hard to provide for me, motivated me, to be the best I can be.

Air Force Veteran

I served nine years in the United States Air Force. I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and I hold two Master’s Degrees from George Washington University. One in Political Management and one in Public Administration and a Law Degree in International Relations and Affairs.

Real Estate Mogul

I have been officially named #2 Realtor in Dallas TX, #19 in the State of Texas, Top 100 Real Estate Agent in the United States of America, and Top 1% in the Nation. I have been holding an Active license since 2015 with an average of 400 homes SOLD PER YEAR. From 2018-2020, I built and developed over 20 custom home properties. I have been Investing in Real Estate for over 20 years.

Mortgage Bank Owner

While owning a home is considered part of the American Dream, all too often, Minorities experience a homeownership gap due to job loss,  financial loss or credit challenges and are turned down by mainstream banks when they apply for loans or mortgages. Even when their credentials are comparable to individuals who are approved for loans or mortgages, studies have shown that Minorities do not receive comparable rates and services. With a direct focus on effecting change in the financial world I created Prime One Home Loans to offers competitive rates and services and better serve the needs of OUR community

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