I Don't Just BUY Bags, I BUY Land And BUILD Generational Wealth!


Benaisha Poole-Watson mission is to inspire, empower and educate people on how to operate in their purpose, define success and create generational wealth.

Office Chronicles
VOL. 6

Office Chronicles
VOL. 5

Office Chronicles
VOL. 4

Office Chronicles
VOL. 3

Office Chronicles
VOL. 2

Office Chronicles

Who and what Motivates
Benaisha Poole-Watson

Dallas Back To School and
Day Party Highlights.

Who is
Benaisha Poole-Watson?

Successful people talk to
over 100 people a day.

What is a
Real Estate Broker?

Entrepreneurship doesn't change,
when the market change.

Me defining and walking
into my success.

I sold over 200 houses,
while working a job.

Building my
own table.

Dallas Back To School Drive,
and Day Party.

Economic Summit.

Pulling into
my legacy.

Don't give up,
your victory is on it's way.

My Brands