I Don't Just BUY Bags, I BUY Land And BUILD Generational Wealth!


Benaisha Poole-Watson mission is to inspire, empower and educate people on how to operate in their purpose, define success and create generational wealth.

The Portia Show W/ Bank Owner, Benaisha Poole-Watson

DeSoto ISD launches partnership with Benaisha Poole-Watson

The Grio interviews 1st Black
Woman Veteran to own a Bank

CW69 Atlanta GA
Homeownership Matters

Office Chronicles
VOL. 6

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VOL. 5

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Office Chronicles

Who and what Motivates
Benaisha Poole-Watson

Dallas Back To School and
Day Party Highlights.

Who is
Benaisha Poole-Watson?

Successful people talk to
over 100 people a day.

What is a
Real Estate Broker?

Entrepreneurship doesn't change,
when the market change.

Me defining and walking
into my success.

I sold over 200 houses,
while working a job.

Building my
own table.

Dallas Back To School Drive,
and Day Party.

Economic Summit.

Pulling into
my legacy.

Don't give up,
your victory is on it's way.

Pulling into
my legacy.

My Brands